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Please explain your condition before you came to our clinic:

Got into a car accident that flared up an old L4-5 back injury (disc bulge), was not able to walk, sit, stand or lie down and in constant pain.

When you began regular treatments, what were your subjective feelings?

Sad, depressed, worried, mad and scared.  Had a wedding coming up in 4 ½ months and wanted to be well for it.

Please indicate the percentage improvement in your condition: 95%

Please comment on your progress during and after your treatment program:

Consistently and slowly got better week by week.  Was able to sleep comfortably and sit for longer periods of time.  Needed my back brace less overtime and as directed by the doctors was able to go back to the gym.  Now I’m almost back to my normal gym routine of 1 1/2 hours 5x a week.

Would you recommend spinal decompression therapy to others suffering from a similar condition:

It’s worked for me twice now and it’s the only thing that does!

Date :  July 3,2013







Please explain your condition before you came to our clinic:

I was in a wheelchair previously, due to a semi-truck accident.  I was able to learn to walk but I was in extreme pain and could not move very well.  I had to roll out of bed and had very limited movement as well as very bad migraines.  I tried physio medication but it did not work.  The doctor said I would be in a wheelchair again.

Please comment on your progress during and after your treatment program:

I have been seeing Travis Meier for chiropractic since October 2001.  I am now very mobile and I have my own renovation company and can do a lot of the work myself again.  I play with my kids, and my migraines have been cut down by at least 80%- a lot less money going into medications!

I now come regularly for chiropractic and also see Kevin Heath for massage on alternating weeks, which helps me with my arthritis and mobility.  They are great!  I highly recommend them!






Name:Withheld for Patient's Privacy

Age: 57

Please explain your condition before you came to our clinic:

Two Bulging disks in the lower back. Could not stand for 5 to 10 minutes without sharp pain in the lower back.  Could not walk a block without sharp pain in lower back and had to sit before I could walk even one more block.  Could not stretch to put on right shoe or sock. Pain and numbness in legs.

When you began regular treatments, what were your subjective feelings?

I was told I was not a candidate for surgery. I would have to live with the pain. I knew there was no guarantee this would work - but I had to something.

Please indicate the percentage improvement in your condition:90 %

 Please comment on your progress during and after your treatment program:

Although the treatment didn't hurt at first there seemed no real change, then I started experiencing severe muscle spasms. The muscle spasms subsided and I began walking without pain. I was able to stand for longer and longer with no pain. Realized I could now put on right sock/shoe without assistance. I can get through a work day without pain. I still have to continue building back/leg muscle strength-but every day is better!

Would you recommend spinal decompression therapy to others suffering from a similar condition?   

Yes! It worked for me, why suffer when this could work for you? I was hoping to feel 50% better and it has exceeded my hopes!

What could we have done better to enhance your experience with us?

All the staff was friendly and caring. The Doctors were professional and worked with me-if it took a little longer to fix me that was okay-they just wanted me to feel better!

Do we have your consent to publish this on our website (first name only)?  Yes

Date :  May 21,2010


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  • "I had back pain for many years and now I rarely get back pain. The staff is amazing, everyone is so caring to the patients."
    Jeremy denOuden
  • "Chiropractic has reduced my pain levels and improved energy levels. Acupuncture helped with headaches and digestive issues.
    Friendliest staff anywhere! We feel like we are truly known and cared for by Dr. Scott & the staff!"
    Holly denOuden
  • "I can do things now without the limitation of painful movement! Great treatment, great facility, nice touch with beverages in wait room, and awesome reception!"
    Jeanne R.
  • "I have less pain during everyday activities from chiropractic treatment and acupuncture helped with migraines and stomach issues."
    Leticia Ruzza
  • "The lower back and hip relief was amazing. Being able to walk without pain and without a limp has greatly improved my life. Thank you."
    Edee Rumley
  • "Dr. Scott is a great personable chiropractor. You have great staff that are helpful and prompt plus friendly!"
    Athena Shumey
  • "Better movement and energy, less knee and back pain. Dr. Scott rocks!"
    Gerry T.
  • "Migraines have improved. Sleep has improved. Nerve pain has improved. All allow me to do my job better and all allow me to enjoy dancing more!"
    Carol C.
  • "My left leg was numb from the hip down. The numbness is gone. I have much better movement and feel 100% better. Very happy! I have gone to a Chiropractor monthly for years. Love the results I am getting with Dr. Scott."
    Lurinda Rinehart
  • "Before: all normal activity was painful. Now: I don't have daily pain anymore."
    Jen Dawe
  • "After Registered Massage Therapy I was able to return to work. It relieves my pain so I can get on with my life -- with my kids and my activities."
    Tracy V.
  • "I experience way less pain and better sleep, giving me more energy and outlook on the day, less fear anxiety of doing or trying activities. I would recommend this office to everyone looking to improve their day to day life. I like that I have learned more about my body and how to listen to it."
    Linda M.
  • "Chiropractic has allowed me to perform 100% in my sport. It's important to be consistent with your chiro health."
    David Kravenchenko
  • "Chiropractic helped me to get range of motion back and helped me manage my symptoms."
    Joanne Burton

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