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My path to running Lifestyle Health Centre in Langley and becoming a chiropractor began with a passion for sporting activities interrupted by back pain and other health issues.  After searching for help and experiencing little change I was eventually introduced to a health care practice that was comprehensive and absolute. It was Chiropractic.  I was amazed at the results achieved thru simple, logistic, synergistic steps. My issues resolved quickly and a foundation for true health set.

Regular chiropractic care in Langley continued to be the foundation for my personal health program.  The holistic approach was very impressive and has become my passion and my health philosophy. I wanted to become a chiropractor.

I spent some time at Simon Fraser University and soon thereafter enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. Graduating in 2000 and inspired to bring a natural model of health care and healing back home, I founded Lifestyle Health Centre in Langley.  Our office is health driven and clinically based and we strive to inform, teach and utilize the latest technology and cutting edge diagnostics. Our goal is to inspire an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and spinal function just as we are inspired by our patients daily health changing experiences as they adopt the chiropractic lifestyle.

Outside of my Langley Chiropractic Health Centre I can't go without a mountain bike ride on the North Shore hill, a game of hockey or a crossfit workout. Travelling and relaxing with my wife is a passion as is watching my son Leyton and daughter Piper grow up and experience life's adventures.

I believe better health is a way of life. We empower the patients to achieve life's maximum health potential through proper nutrition, active lifestyle choices and chiropractic spinal care.

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  • "My left leg was numb from the hip down. The numbness is gone. I have much better movement and feel 100% better. Very happy! I have gone to a Chiropractor monthly for years. Love the results I am getting with Dr. Scott."
    Lurinda Rinehart
  • "After Registered Massage Therapy I was able to return to work. It relieves my pain so I can get on with my life -- with my kids and my activities."
    Tracy V.
  • "I can do things now without the limitation of painful movement! Great treatment, great facility, nice touch with beverages in wait room, and awesome reception!"
    Jeanne R.
  • "I have less pain during everyday activities from chiropractic treatment and acupuncture helped with migraines and stomach issues."
    Leticia Ruzza
  • "Chiropractic has allowed me to perform 100% in my sport. It's important to be consistent with your chiro health."
    David Kravenchenko
  • "Chiropractic has reduced my pain levels and improved energy levels. Acupuncture helped with headaches and digestive issues.
    Friendliest staff anywhere! We feel like we are truly known and cared for by Dr. Scott & the staff!"
    Holly denOuden
  • "Migraines have improved. Sleep has improved. Nerve pain has improved. All allow me to do my job better and all allow me to enjoy dancing more!"
    Carol C.
  • "I had back pain for many years and now I rarely get back pain. The staff is amazing, everyone is so caring to the patients."
    Jeremy denOuden
  • "Dr. Scott is a great personable chiropractor. You have great staff that are helpful and prompt plus friendly!"
    Athena Shumey
  • "I experience way less pain and better sleep, giving me more energy and outlook on the day, less fear anxiety of doing or trying activities. I would recommend this office to everyone looking to improve their day to day life. I like that I have learned more about my body and how to listen to it."
    Linda M.
  • "Better movement and energy, less knee and back pain. Dr. Scott rocks!"
    Gerry T.
  • "The lower back and hip relief was amazing. Being able to walk without pain and without a limp has greatly improved my life. Thank you."
    Edee Rumley
  • "Before: all normal activity was painful. Now: I don't have daily pain anymore."
    Jen Dawe
  • "Chiropractic helped me to get range of motion back and helped me manage my symptoms."
    Joanne Burton

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